Brigitte Jordan
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  Lifescapes of the Future

At present, Dr. Jordan focuses much of her research and consulting on the impact of the global economy on organizations and the workforce with special emphasis on the role of information and communication technologies. Some time ago, she coined the phrase “Lifescapes of the Future” to point to those arenas in our lives that used to be separated by fairly discrete boundaries (like those between work and leisure, education and job, work life and retirement) that, under the twin pressures of rapid technological advancements and fast-moving societal changes, are beginning to blur and integrate in ways that alter how people live and do business. Continuing her collaboration with colleagues at Xerox PARC, she is tracking the transformations that are happening at work, at home and in a variety of virtual spaces as new communication technologies interact with emergent societal trends and what that means for positioning products and services in the global economies of the 21st century. 

The keynote on Lifescapes of the Future examines some of the fundamental changes we are beginning to see in how people live, learn and work and how that affects their identity, life patterns, value systems and lifestyles. It can also be delivered as a workshop of two to three hours or as a double workshop session with exercises focusing on participants’ work realities that lead to implementable action plans.