Brigitte Jordan
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As a consultant, Dr. Jordan draws on international experience and a successful track record; she combines insights from ethnographic research with consultative “co-thinking” on organizational issues. For this she uses a variety of in-depth methods ranging from ethnographic probes to participant observation, opinion leader interviews and synthesis of cutting edge research in order to help clients select the best choices for creating the right kind of future for their organizations.

Having observed and managed large and small change projects and having seen them fail (often) and succeed (rarely), Gitte is passionate about the need to understand technology not only as a technical issue but also within its organizational and human-interactional context. She is obstinately stubborn about the need to translate insights from research and reflection into Monday morning action.

Gitte has worked productively with a number of major corporations, including IBM, Monsanto, Motorola, Nynex, and Xerox, and a variety of governmental and international organizations such as the World Health Organization, the Australian Ministry of Defense, the Information Science and Technology Program (ISAT) at DARPA, and others.

She is a dynamic speaker who draws on her vast experience with illustrative examples and stories (and sometimes pictures) and an effective motivator who is often able to help clients translate insights into action. Repeatedly, her work has led to breakthroughs in strategic thinking.